A member club of Starfleet International.

USS Destiny NCC -97301, Galaxy Class X Dreadnought

The USS Destiny, NCC-97301 is one of the oldest continuous clubs in the Starfleet, having launched from McKinley station on or about stardate 47823.7 (May 1994).The original Destiny was an Intrepid class and served many years with honor, but after taking heavy  damage during both the Borg Invasion and the Dominion War it was retired.

Fleet Captain William “Wild Bill” Sowers pulled some strings negotiated for an upgraded ship, and did he ever get what he asked for. The new and vastly improved USS Destiny left space dock around stardate 71580.1 (in early 2018)and is s a Galaxy class series X, also known as an Olympus class for the first ship  of it’s type. Having three nacelles it is far faster then a standard Galaxy class ship. It also has slipstream drive and a cloaking device, as well as a shuttle bay large enough to hold a Defiant Class warship in reserve (now that’s a Captain’s yacht).

After losing two Captains in battle, this Captain made sure we weren’t about to lose anymore. Though well equipped for defense USS Destiny is committed to first contact, science and diplomatic missions, while being strong enough to defend against aggressors. Due to its size, armament, and extensive facilities, it is well suited to deep space, long duration missions. Welcome aboard and take a tour!