The USS Destiny is based in Salem, Oregon, but we accept members from anywhere in the world, as we have a lot of online activities.

                            USS Destiny NCC -97301, Galaxy Class X Dreadnought

Our ship was commissioned in the early 1990s, making it one of the older ships in the fleet. We are based in Salem, Oregon and have members both in the general Willamette Valley area and further afield. We are a mixed club, you can participate online or in person. We are a fun group of people firmly committed to Gene’s Dream – the vision of a future where war, poverty, greed, environment damage and ignorance have been overcome and we strive to live in harmony with our fellow species, the earth and the galaxy.

We have regular ship get togethers, but also meet on Facebook Messenger and Discord. We enjoy gaming, viewing parties, away missions to conventions and other fun and educational venues, service work and did we mention parties?

          Welcome aboard and take a tour!